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Shopping with Amazon.com

20/02/2023 10:22
Amazon.com, the world's largest online retailer and one of the nation's biggest book sellers, is one of the iconic companies of the Internet era. It was founded in 1994 by Jeffrey P. Bezos, a former financial analyst for the New York hedge fund D.E. Shaw & Company who, legend has it, set...

Website launched

20/02/2023 10:21
In November 2007, the company made the leap from selling others' products to selling its own, as it introduced the Amazon Kindle, an electronic book reader with the capability of downloading books wirelessly. A few other companies, notably Sony, had been selling electronic book readers, but...


In addition to selling physical media like CDs, DVDs and books, it sells digital copies of these products as well. Amazon Unbox, which lets customers download movies and TV shows to their computers and certain TiVo boxes, opened in the fall of 2006.

In September 2007, the company rolled out its Amazon MP3 store, a rival to Apple's iTunes that makes downloadable music available without the cumbersome anti-copying software called D.R.M., or digital rights management. The service now has the participation of all the major music labels.


Amazon has also positioned itself as a technology company through a fledgling effort called Amazon Web services, in which it rents out parts of its back-end infrastructure to other companies.

Among the tools it offers was Amazon S3, which let companies store their data on Amazon's computers, and Amazon EC2, which let customers use Amazon's computers for large-scale computational tasks.


Books Online 24/7

July 19, 2010 was a day for the history books — if those will even exist in the future. Amazon announced that during the previous three months, sales of books for the Kindle had for the first time outnumbered sales of hardcover books.

In that time, Amazon said, it sold 143 Kindle books for every 100 hardcover books, including hardcovers for which there is no Kindle edition.